Tuesday, November 04, 2003
quivering with antici..............pation.
The third Matrix movie comes out tomorrow. I am both excited and dreading it. I loved the first one. LOVED IT. Watched it more times than any human ever should, and could apply The Matrix to any real life situation or problem (coz I'm a geek, and geeks do that, okay!). It was a brilliant movie, and different than anything else out there; many have copied it since, but we all know copies are never as good as the original.

The second installment however, left a little to be desired. But I am a die-hard fan, so I got the dvd anyway, and was willing to overlook some of the issues I had with it.

This third one, therefore, has me worried. The series ends here, so it had better end well. I have seen some things in the trailer that already have me cringing, so I have my doubts. I had a friend tell me I should try and be more positive...maybe it won't be so bad, she said. I said no no, this having low expectations plan has really been working out for me. When I walk into a movie with low expectations it can only meet or beat my expectations, it can't get any lower. And much of the time I end up liking the movie because I was expecting or demanding very little of it. I'm hoping it applies this time.
*fingers crossed* I hope it's good.