Tuesday, November 04, 2003
bits and bites
Okay, please, for the love of god people, if you are going to pick your nose can you at least wait until you are in private?? If I see one more man picking his nose while driving I might vomit. The guy was lucky I was eating otherwise I woulda whipped out my digital camera and taken a pic. I was unlucky that I was eating because upon seing this man dig for gold I had a hard time choking down my mini Oh Henry bar. Bah. Why is it you never see women picking their noses? Why is it always men?? This guy was a UPS worker too.......mmm-mm....handle those packages plenty before you deliver them, big guy!

And I am sick and tired of people whining about the violence in the movie Kill Bill. Are you trying to tell me you had NO idea what it was going to be like before you saw it? You didn't hear all the critics talking about it?? Have you not seen a Quentin Tarantino film before (ie, the very very violent "Reservoir Dogs" or "Pulp Fiction")?? Folks, if you don't like violent and bloody movies DON'T GO SEE IT. Okay? Just don't, and then spare us all from hearing you complain later. I don't go to see Finding Nemo and then say I hate animated movies, now do I? tsk. Really now, people.

Why oh why didn't my mom nag me more about my bad posture when I was growing up?? Now it's terrible, and try as I may to correct the problem, I still hunch over like an old lady. When I had my last physical the nurse was measuring my height and said "Okay...so you're 5'2".." Shocked I quickly said "No!!! No no...no I'm not, I'm 5'3", I was slouching, measure again, you'll see!! I wasn't standing up straight!!". I was like, *seriously* distraught over that one inch, as if it really made a difference. LOL. When you're short, every inch counts, baby!