Wednesday, November 05, 2003
entering the Matrix
I'm feeling a bit guilty and I haven't even done it yet.
I have plans this evening to see the Matrix with my geek fabulous boys that do all the nerdy toy/comics shows with me. We do all the geek stuff together, it's an understood fact. And of course we saw the second Matrix movie together opening night, and we are set to see it together tonight as well.

But. I am planning to sneak in an early viewing of the new one in an hour or two. See, I love the Matrix very very much. When the first one came out, my then best friend and I loved it beyond words. We GOT it. There were so many levels to it beyond just the pretty special effects. There were references to Zion and Nebuchadnezzar that we got, and other people just thought were names. And the implications! I mean what IF we were all in just some sort of dream world??
Anyway, we became Matrix snobs, never caring to discuss it with people who didn't "get it". lol. We loved it and watched it lots. We geeked out over it, and we didn't care what anyone thought.

That friend is now no longer in my life, and I haven't found someone who loves the movie on the same level. I had to watch the last one opening night without her there to discuss it with me, and I'll have to do it today too. And as much as I love my guy friends, if I have to hear them talk afterwards about how cool it was when Neo kicked Agent Smith's ass, missing whatever deeper undertones happened in the movie, I might get seriously annoyed. So I am going to go sneak in an early viewing so I can sit alone and take it in without the laughter and hijinx of my buddies distracting me. I know, I know, it sounds like I'm taking this too seriously, but I'm doing this for both my good and theirs. This will allow me to be a little more easy going tonight when I see it with them, and I won't be a killjoy barking at them to shut up.
See? It's a good plan, no? So how come I feel guilty? :-/

Screw it. I'm going. }:-D

UPDATE: saw it. good thing I'm seeing it again. need time to process and decide my feelings on it. not too sure how I feel about it..... anyone else see it yet?