Thursday, November 06, 2003
just call me Martha
Hoo wee....I just had me a crazy cleaning fit. It started off as a "maybe I should clean the floors since I'm having company over tomorrow night" into a full blown cleaning frenzy. Sometimes I get into it, what can I say? Cleaning supplies can really inspire me. I love them.

A funny thing; a few months back I decided I was going to stop being messy. Just stop. Stop letting clutter take over, and stop allowing my home to get so messy that I wouldn't ever want someone to show up unexpectedly. Now I'm not talking maniacal cleaning, just frequent maintenance. It started with me going through every junk drawer, every corner and every closet, and chucking out all the crap that I was keeping for no reason. I was militant about getting rid of clutter and finding a place for the stuff I decided to keep. My theory was that if I had an actual place for everything, there's no reason why I should collect clutter again, because nothing should be sitting out. Everything gets a home. Also, I have become tough on crap that seeps into my home. Anything from junkmail and flyers to boxes left over from presents or pizza, or whatever.

Remarkably I have actually been able to keep up with this, I am DAMN proud to say. The only area that tends to clutter up from time to time is around my computer, but even then I make sure I crack down before it gets out of control. And I friggin' love my clean home, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. My only weaknesses seem to be dusting and floor cleaning. Who the hell wants to dust every little knick knack on a bookshelf?? And really, do the floors need to be cleaned EVERY week? LOL!! But otherwise, it's always neat, including dishes. *gasp* Does this mean I'm a grown up now!?!

Anyway, the floor cleaning was strictly for my brother's benefit. I have invited him, along with his girlfriend, over for dinner tomorrow night. Should be you have any idea how often I actually cook? lol I'll do my best not to poison him. Also, I think Betty Crocker and I will make a cake tonight......she always helps make a good dinner.

And after that.......SURVIVOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Princess Blondie and I will be glued to the tv between 8 -9pm. I can't wait, tonight is gonna be so good!!!!!!!

And what the shit? Nobody had anything to say about the new Matrix?