Monday, November 03, 2003
it's funny coz it's TRUE!
Actual conversation between my mother and the woman at the car rental place, in Savannah, Georgia:

car rental lady, in a thick southern drawl: "So, y'all excited about Thanksgiving?"

mom: "Actually we're Canadian, we've already had our Thanksgiving."

rental lady: "Y'all celebrate your Thanksgiving on a different day??"

mom: "Yes, we celebrate ours in October"

(I applaud my mother for not saying something akin to "yes, that's right, the world does NOT revolve around American holidays, contrary to popular belief. No offense to my American readers, just the ignorant ones)

rental genius: "Really?? ...... (long pause) ......."What about Christmas?"

Yes ladies and gentlemen, a true story. This woman actually thought there was a chance that Canadians celebrate Christmas on a different day (we're just so backwards, aren't we??). lol
Next lesson for her: Amazingly, not everyone celebrates Christmas! Wrap your head around that one, sugah!