Monday, November 03, 2003
soul food
My body has been in rapture the last few days. Ever since I got myself a truckload of groceries on Saturday I have been eating like a normal human being again. This includes real fruits and real vegetables. Mmm....I love fruits and veggies. I really missed having them around. To top it off I went and got even MORE groceries today; stuff I couldn't find online or wanted to pick out myself (like chicken and beef cuts). So my grand total has been $200 on food. Booyah! For one tiny little single woman, that's a pretty impressive amount, if I do say so myself. :-) It's funny....there seems to be a connection I've noticed; when I eat good food, I FEEL good. HMMMMMMMMM.....could mom be right?!? lol

Of course the flipside to all this is the left over Halloween candy. Every store that had some is now selling it off at 50%. This is a problem. This resulted in me buying 5 bags of the mini 2-packs of Chiclets. That comes to....let's see...180 mini packs of gum. They were 75 cents each, how could I NOT buy a whole bunch!?!? I gave a bag to Princess Blondie's boyfriend (my neighbours across the hall from me), and I can safely say I will have polished off a bag of them myself by the end of the night (negating the very healthy dinner I had). And fifty bucks says I'll stop buy the grocery store tomorrow and pick up more. I have no will power, I'm the first to admit it.
On top of that, everytime I go to someone's house they give me some of THEIR left over candy too. This has happened 3 times now. Once again, a lack of self control has me saying "sure I'd love some!" everytime I'm offered. I left one friends house today with a whole bag of candy.

And as a side note, can I ask who the HELL eats candy corn!?!?