Friday, November 14, 2003
invisible sun
Let's just review things. Wednesday? 20C (66F). I was wearing a t-shirt while walking around outside. Thursday? 4C (39F) and our first snow storm. Now, by snow storm I mean we actually had a minimum amount of snow but the high winds blew it around making it LOOK like we had a lot. It's so disappointing. And the winds were pretty bad, bringing down power lines up north and tearing roofs off houses and stuff. Can ya dig it?

But this is how it goes for us in Toronto at the start of winter....we get some snow, I get excited that it's finally winter and I get to frolic in the snow, and then it melts. Then I pout. Then it snows again, I get excited thinking it's really going to stay this time...and then it melts. It keeps up this cycle until maybe January, when I've finally given up, and then a load of snow is dumped on us, we act all kinds of surprised, and the city comes to a standstill for a day or two while trying to deal with it. Hee. I love it. I love wintery chaos. I am Canadian, hear me roar!!!!!

So now there's this ever so slight dusting of snow on the ground outside, but it won't stay long. In fact, our winters never get all that exciting here in Toronto. I know this maybe come as a shock to my American readers, but we don't get much snow here. We are on the GOOD side of the lake. Not like poor Buffalo that gets all that brutal lake effect snow that buries them every year. Ouch. Sorry about that guys. Even at our worst we really don't get that much snow...but if you go about an hour north of us (to Barrie), now THERE'S where the snow really starts. But here, thanks to the lake and the warming brought on by city heat, it's not usally too bad.
Hm. I have a feeling I've just doomed us to a very snowy winter.