Thursday, November 13, 2003
a blustery day
Yesterday was not one of my better days.
It started off okay...I merrily drove the 3.5 hours to Windsor, watching the scenery go by and bopping along to my music in the truck. Now, admittedly, the view along (highway) 401 can be an extremely boring one after a while. It's a long stretch of fields and sporadic farms; not much to look at, especially since it all looks the same after an hour or two. However, I grew up in this area, so I kinda enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling I get while looking at it. And I'm the little nature nut who likes to watch for all the Red Tailed Hawks that can be seen sitting in the trees along the road, looking over the fields. They are such magnificent creatures, and I get all excited when I spot one. I lost track at about 12 or 13, but needless to say I saw many. It was awesome. In fact at one point I got squealing because I saw one right after another...three in a row in a time span of like, 20 seconds!
Okay, I'm probably boring you....I see that now. lol

I also saw the most spectacular road kill ever, and I have seen PLENTY of road kill in my time. Lots of skunks, raccoons, squirrels, porcupines, and the occasional deer at the side of the road. But the deer I saw yesterday looked like someone had shoved a stick of dynamite in it's ribcage and let 'er rip. It was horrifying. In fact, I only knew it was a deer by the sheer quantity of what was there (and a tail). It was unlike anything I have seen before, and my jaw dropped. Poor thing. :-(
Okay, now I'm telling you more than you need to know.
Moving along!

I ended up spending more time than I wanted to in Windsor, and didn't end up leaving until 6pm. This means an arrival time home of approximately 9:30pm. And it was going fine, except along the way I developed a migraine so bad that I was ready to apply for my death certificate. I kept checking in the mirror to see if my brains were bleeding out my eyes like it felt like they were (they weren't. lol). Made for a long terrible drive home. Ever have a migraine? It's a headache to end all headaches. And with the rain reflecting all the headlights of all the trucks around me and flashes of lightning.....well let's just say I couldn't get home fast enough. Ow.

Talked to my friend Melra on the phone for a good portion of the way, which was nice, it kept my mind off stuff. And I like her plenty, so it was good to talk with her. She's a pal.

And let me just ask what the HELL is going on with the weather???? It was 19C (66F) yesterday.....I was wearing a t-shirt outside, for Pete's sake!!! In November!!! IN CANADA!! lol And now it's 4C (39F). What the hell is up with THAT?? It's sunny, it's rainy, it's sunny, it's rainy, it's warm, it's freezing, it's warm, it's freezing...
Crazy makin'.

Seems the days events resulted in some crazy assed dreams for me....