Monday, November 10, 2003
bath vs. shower
I have found, generally speaking, that people are either bath people or shower people. I like to think that I am almost equally fond of both, depending on the time of year, and time of day. If it's summer, I am almost strictly shower. It's hot, it's sticky, I don't need to add to that. But come winter time, it's a shower in the morning, and very often, a bath at night. Helps me to warm up and relax before going to bed.

Now then. People who are "bath people" are not strictly bath people, for obvious reasons of time constraint. Who the hell has time for a bath in the morning before work?? But "shower people" almost exclusively stick to showers, claiming that baths are filthy and disgusting. I have had people ask me "how can you just sit there in your own filth and dirt?". And I ask them, exactly how filthy ARE you that this is an actual concern?? I mean yeah, I can see not wanting a bath if you are a construction worker fresh off the job, but if you're an office worker or something, who had a shower in the morning, what are you doing during the day that you are so filthy at night??

This being said I know people who will have a quick shower before having a bath to "de-filthify" themselves before having a bath, and I actually know one person who will take a quick shower *after* the bath to rinse off! Maybe I'm just too comfortable with my own dirt, but this seems a little overboard.

A bath is meant to be enjoyed. Savoured. Put in some aromas, or bubble bath, or oil. Let your pores open up, and breath in the nice warm moist air. It's good for ya!! And above all, RELAX. This is an actual problem for people, myself included. My mother can sit and soak in a tub for like, half an hour. I get bored after 10 - 15 minutes. I can stick it out a little longer if I put some kind of mud masque on, but even then it only buys me another 5 minutes. I sit, I soak, I close my eyes and take some deep breaths. Then I soap down and get out.
And no, I don't feel filthy afterwards, I FEEL CLEAN.
Crazy people.

Anyhoo, it's been fun but I have to head out to Windsor for work, work and more work. Be good kids, and I'll talk to you tomorrow. :-)