Tuesday, November 11, 2003
because *I* know how to have fun, let me tells ya!
Well looky here, it's after 2am and I only just now got home from work. I think it's safe to say I'm feeling a bit bagged at the moment. But talk about fun! Hoo whee! Wouldja like my recipe for such goodtimes? Okay, here goes.

First, get up earlier than necessary and head into the office. Waste a few hours walking around the warehouse barking orders and complaining that you could have been asleep the whole time. Maybe post on your blog a bit to kill time while waiting for your truck to be loaded up.

Second, get in the truck and drive for 3.5 hours to a little town on the Canadian side of the border, called Windsor. (and yes Immy, I thought you of you while I was there, and waved to Detroit coz I could see it. if you wanna hook up I'm lucky enough to have to repeat this trip on Wednesday). Once in town go to a Bay store and waste an hour doing what should have taken 15 minutes, but thanks to the staff it dragged on.

Third, get in the truck and drive to a Home Outfitters store. Proceed to spend what feels like the longest hours of your life working and setting up a new display. Slug as much heavy crap as you can, climb many ladders, and try repeatedly to cut yourself open with a boxcutter. Wait until the staff finally kicks you out because they want to go home, and then leave, promising to come back later in the week (all the while, in your head, trying to map some way out of the promise you just made).

Fourth, find food. It has been 9 hours since you ate last, and you now realize you might die before you get food to your mouth. Head to a Kelsey's and beg the waitress to bring you food as fast as humanly possible. Proceed to inhale food, and then pay bill. When it comes time to leave you realize the last 30 mins of inactivity has caused your body to seize up; you must now nearly crawl back to the truck. Get in, turn it on, and play some loud music to keep you awake. You have 3.5 hours of driving ahead of you, tiger!

Fifth, locate coffee and gasoline when necessary. Fifty cups of coffee should do it.
Drive home. Post on blog. Have a shower. Go to Bed. Get up at 8am, and start over again.

FUN HUNH??? And now you can try it at home! lol
The best part are the crazy games your eyes start to play on your after about 5 - 6 hours of driving. I mean, on the way THERE it was no problem. I was vaguely awake (though I realize 5 hours of sleep the night before was NOT enough for this journey, but hindsight is 20/20, right?) and it was sunny and beautiful.....I mean I actually saw DEER in a field at the side of the road, man! Does it GET more Canadian than that? I think not.
But on the way home, all I wanted to do was crawl into a cave to die. So it was long and I was tired and I began seeing little shadows running across the road....and one tanker truck looked like a big scary face from behind. It freaked me right out.

I think I should go to bed now. lol

And HOW did I know that the shower/bath post would spark such a debate? LOL!! I knew it!!!
Thanks for the commentary, it was nice to come home to.
See you guys in a few hours.....zzzzzzzzzzzzz..