Tuesday, October 21, 2003
old friends are the best friends
I cannot believe how fantastic the last 24 hours have been for me. One of my best friends for the last 20 years came into town, we hooked up with another girl from the '20 year alumni', and laughed the night away. We went to a restaurant, yucked it up there, and then moved the party back to my place and kept the laughs coming. Another alumni from my home town was brought into the party and we sat and laughed and recalled our childhood angst all those years ago.
I'm still amazed to this day that one can get together with an old friend like that and pick up right where things were left off. We got all caught up on each other's lives, marriages, divorces, new homes, jobs, etc... it was great.
In a time where I have been questioning friendships in my life, it has been re-energizing to touch base with friends that I know I can truly always count on no matter what. These are friends that HAVE stuck by me through thick and thin and would never walk away. And they won't, and that is one thing in my life I know I can count on. Makes me feel kinda ten feet tall and bullet proof, ya know? These people are among those that I call my true friends. :-)

Anyway, my friend stayed overnight like an old fashioned slumber party, and she is now on her way home. And as happens in life, I have to head downtown to put some time in at work. But hey...how can I complain? I've had it pretty good the last few days. :-)