Thursday, October 16, 2003
first we'll take Manhattan....then we'll take Berlin!!
Have you heard? That's right, Jews are trying to take over the WORLD! My god, the world had better wake up and smell the coffee....before you know it the Jews will be everywhere and ruling the whole world.
It's bizarre accusations like this that make me wonder what the Muslims are thinking (and before you think I'm picking on Muslims, go read the article!!). Do you see Jews trying to take over the world? But really now? Or do they just want this itty bitty little piece of land to call home? Allow me to put this in perspective for my Canadian and American readers. This piece of land is just slightly smaller that New Jersey, and about the same size as Vancouver Island. Get it? Now does that sound like a plan for world domination? Do I need to point out that it's about the only country in the Middle East that doesn't have oil? Does ANY of this sound like an evil plot to take over the world??

Okay, now I'm just shooting from the hip because I'm pissed off at how ridiculous the whole thing is, and by the fact that the Prime Minister of Malaysia was actually dumb enough to say that Muslims need to band together to fight the Jews. The leader of a country actually said this...not some crazy radical militant....not some religious fanatic.....the Prime Minister of a country.

Here, for a far more intelligent take on the incident go see Isreallycool.

UPDATE: I've been waiting for Meryl to step into the fray. I love the way she picks apart info and inserts her comments. Be sure to check it out.