Thursday, October 16, 2003
Karma challenged
Well it seems I didn't learn from my previous incident involving my cat Isaac, and a mean little mistress known as Karma.
Today I found a new way to torment my cat. While typing away on the computer I happen to glance over to see my cat sitting on the treadmill. Actually laying on the conveyer belt/tread part of this piece of exercise equipment, practically begging to me to do something about it. How could I not sneak up and turn it on?? So I did. I turned it on. Now keep in mind, this treadmill is new, and his exposure to it is limited...I don't even know if he's seen it in motion before.... but he sure has now. }:-) That boy shot straight up in the air. Bwah ha ha!!! And then he tried to work up the courage to come back and investigate it afterwards (because of course I shut it off immediately, so he wasn't too sure what the hell happened). So after a few fright aftershocks (stretching to look, having it turn on, him pulling back. repeat.) he finally just decided it was best that he walk away. I once again scooped him up in my arms like a doting mother and told him I loved him and all that good stuff (like THAT is gonna save my soul for all the things I do to him. lol).
But now I gotta be looking over my shoulder....Lady Karma will be coming for me......

On a completely different note I'd just like to mention that this has been one of the most spectacular autumns in years, and the trees are displaying gorgeous colours. I went up north for Thanksgiving and the trees were simply breathtaking. If only Blogger would let me upgrade I would upload pics for you to see....but I can't so just close your eyes and imagine pretty orange, yellow, and red trees. Picture it...go on, try it......pretty hunh??
Ok ok, if that's not working for you go check out Lorien's picture of autumn leaves. :-)