Saturday, October 18, 2003
I see dead people
So I went to the E.S.P Expo here in Toronto. It was pretty interesting. I picked up a few cool stones and stuff....I always like looking at all the books and jewelry other trinkets. I also had a reading done....I haven't had one since the last Expo I went to, maybe 3 years ago.
I'm not sure how I feel about the reading I had done....not much of it made sense to me, and besides which I always take everything a psychic says with a grain of salt.
This psychic said I would be moving in February or March....a big one, but still within Canada, and that I would travel lots after that. I personally don't see that happening, but one never knows. He says that I have thrown in the towel on a situation in my life and this has started great change in me. I can tie this to something in my life right now, so I'll bite. He also said that big changes are coming and I will answer my calling, and it will have something to do with communication. Now I just looked at him like he was on crack. I asked him just what he thought my calling might be coz I have no clue and I'm almost 30. I said if he knew it might be nice to tip me off so I can get down to the business of answering that call. lol. He said something with communication, be it writing, music, painting, acting, whatever, but he felt maybe more towards writing. He asked if I had moved in that direction at all since I threw in the towel on that other situation. I said yes, I had started a blog, but I highly doubted that a blog could in any way become a career for me let alone a calling. I said that my blog was one of a million or two in the world, and that there were much better ones out there than mine. He said he didn't know, but said that I would answer my calling and things would change rapidly in my life next year. I shrugged and said ok, if you say so. I have no idea.
He made mention of a few spirits coming through to make contact with me (this where I become skeptical, and never offer anything that a psychic could use to help guess something). He mentioned two people and I couldn't tell from their description who they could be; one sounded like a cousin I lost some years ago, but not really. Only if I was reaching, and I was. Then he mentioned someone who's description was so bang on that I nearly freaked out. I know many of you are going to think this is all a load of crap, and believe me I understand you, but I'm telling you, this guy had the description perfect right down to how he died, and I didn't say a WORD to him about any of it. Thankfully it was at the end of our session because it was causing me to get a little emotional.
The guy taped the session for me, so I'll listen to it again to remember what else he said. Overall, I didn't get much from it...I was irked by this notion of answering my call in the next few months when I haven't the foggiest clue what my calling is. Oh well, maybe it'll come to me, or maybe this session was meant to make me search for that answer. Who knows.

All in all I had a great time today. I went to the E.S.P Expo with my mom and a new friend of mine, a girl who moved into the apartment across the hall from me (more on her another time). Afterwards this friend and I went out for lunch and chatted for a few hours. It was great.
Then I went and rented a few movies and decided to stay in. I'm getting up insanely early tomorrow so I don't wanna be up too late. I've already had my excitement for the day, it's time to unwind and chill out. I just finished watching Solaris. I'd like to say I loved it, but I'm not too sure.... it was very slow paced, and kind of anti-climatic. It was meant to be one of those films that has a what if? component and makes you think about what YOU would do in a situation like that. What would you do if you could bring back someone you loved that died? I found it a little hard to watch after this damn psychic expo that made me recall my friend (the one the psychic mentioned). He was killed by a drunk driver 2 years ago, and I miss him dearly. So thanks, Solaris, for gettin' me all sad about that! tsk.
Now I'm gonna put on the Jerry Seinfeld movie "Comedian". It's a movie about his stand up routine I think...isn't it? Sort of a documentary about how he develops his routine? I dunno, but the reason I got it is because the trailer was absolutely hysterical (and actually, he wasn't even in it!). I highly recommend you watch it. It features the guy who does the voiceover for every trailer you have ever know the guy. His voice is unmistakable, because realize it or not, you have heard it hundreds of times.
Anyway, view the trailer or don't, I leave it to you. I'm gonna go watch the movie.