Saturday, October 18, 2003
looking into the future
First things first, I got the Matrix Reloaded dvd and the extras on it were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! It made it totally worth buying the disc. However, watching the dvd before going to bed seems to have adversely affected my dreams. You can read about it in my dream blog if you're interested. (you haven't been reading Technicolour Dreams?? But there's a link for it right there in the navigation column!! shame on you!)

Anyway, today I am off to the E.S.P. Expo here in Toronto. It's always entertaining and fun. All kinds of crazy people trying to sell wacky stuff and get you to believe what they have to say. Just for fun I like to sit down and have a reading done. I'll report back on what I find out. ("What's that JoJo? You see the Jews taking over the world??") *wink*