Friday, October 17, 2003
prezzies for me and my friends
My good mood was in jeopardy after my brief visit to the office this morning, so I was forced to go out and practice a little retail therapy on the way home. Who doesn't feel better after picking up a little something for themselves?? So I treated myself to The Matrix Reloaded dvd, and a little cheap cookbook for potatoes and vegetables (correct me if I'm wrong...but aren't potatoes veggies?!). The book was only $5 and damn if we Irish don't love our potatoes! However, that was only $30 of the $120 I spent. I got a birthday present for a friend, got some Christmas presents for some other friends, and some presents for my friend's son over in England. Hurray! Presents for everyone. I friggin' LOVE getting presents for people...moreso than for myself. Somehow I feel selfish if I spend money on me, but I love giving presents other people.
I really need to work on that. :-P

And now I am closing my browser and e-mail client, and I am going to do WORK. Work I said I was doing for the last three days. But this time I MEAN IT. Okay, maybe I'll have lunch first...and THEN I'm gonna knuckle down and do work, I SWEAR.