Wednesday, October 22, 2003
blah blah blah
A few random things.

First, I love Lever 2000 soap. Lots. And so should you. It's for all your 2000 parts.

Second, I do not want Vicodin. And no number of spam e-mails in my inbox is going to sway me into buying it. May all you spammers rot in hell for pestering me a thousand times a day.

Thirdly, if you wish to stop being my friend or lover or whatever, have the balls to tell me. Don't go all cold leaving me to guess what's wrong and then chase you down only to find out you suddenly hate my guts and can't hack talking to me anymore. I think the least I deserve is having you say it straight up. That's much easier to deal with then having you just stop answering my e-mails and/or calls. If you care for me like you claim, you will show me enough respect to tell me why I am getting the cold shoulder. (is there such thing as a fourthly??), I just watched Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Brilliant. Loved it. Sam Rockwell is one adorable/sexy man. A highly underrated actor. Go get rent some of his films. If you're a geek, start with Galaxy Quest. (somebody help me. lol)....I didn't go to school tonight. I'm skipping classes like a complete idiot. It was raining, I had a migraine, and I was rushing up from downtown. This must not become a habit, for I actually enjoy my class immensely. I just decided that if I didn't feel like it, then I wouldn't enjoy it, and I don't want this class to become a drag. I intend to be in this class for a very long time, so I want it to stay fun. :-)

Sixthly, Geoff and I nearly got into one of the age-old Canadian debates. Heh. Toronto vs. Montreal.
Go ahead, poke some fun at him...he's from Montreal. *snicker* Let's talk smack, big guy. I double dawg dare ya! I purchased something for somebody that I feel both great angst towards, and great love. It's annoying as shit. Anyway, the prezzy is in the mail, and I hope you like it. If this individual wasn't reading my blog I'd tell ya all what I got, but in fact the person is, so I'll tell you after it's been received (by which time it will seem very anti-climatic to you, unless you share the same enthusiasm for the product as we do).

Eight. I am enjoying the crazy collection of visitors I am getting from other countries. I have had visitors to my blog from: Finland, France (*snicker*), Japan, Italy (Rachele is the best, and it seems she brought a friend or two!), Singapore (I can only wonder, because it's been more than one person...what are ya looking for??), the U.K., Portugal, Israel (big surprise. lol), Australia, Germany and.....heh....United Arab Emirates (and often, I might why don't you speak up? I'd*love* to hear what you have to say).

I just realized it's after midnight, so technically all this stuff happened yesterday.
I hate being anal like that, but what can ya do.

I'll be downtown most of the day and night tomorrow (TODAY, whatever...grumblegrumble..), so if you're looking for me, come do some shopping in Toronto. I'll be at The Bay at Yonge and Bloor. (if you figure out who I am in that big ass store, I'll buy you lunch. Or call the police and report you as a stalker...guess it depends on how I feel about you. lol)

Now I am off to read Harry Potter. I am down to the last 100 pages and that's making me sad. I am enjoying it and don't want it to end. And I think that's the fastest I have ever read a book that size; I usually take 6 months to read a book just half that size.
If you haven't read any, go get the first book. I promise you, somebody you know has a copy, so you can just borrow it; ask around, you'll find one. Drop any pretenses you have in your head about it and just try it. I dare ya to read just one.