Tuesday, February 08, 2005
reader mail
Gather 'round kiddies! It's reader mail time!
Yes, this is one of the true joys of blogging... getting all kinds of e-mails from those readers who have taken time out from their busy blog reading to dash off a quick e-mail to me to share their thoughts. I have received some very interesting e-mails from readers as far away as Australia and more recently Bangalore. But this morning I woke up to find a rather perplexing e-mail from a reader....

From: ED WOOD [kn_edwood (at) webtv.net]
To: celestialblue (at) gmail.com
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 02:47:47 am
Subject: dreams or nightmares?

You need to get out more or you might start believing all that nonsense
on your website. EW

Now then... allow me to deconstruct this little gem and share with you my evolution of thoughts on the matter.
My first thought was.... which website is he referring to (I have 4 blogs that have the word "dream" in the title)? At first I thought he was referring to my dream blog, Technicolour Dreams, because of the subject line "dreams or nightmares?". If that were the case I was confused as to why he would think that I would need to 'get out more' lest I suddenly start 'believing all that nonsense'. But this didn't make sense to me.... uhh... of course I wouldn't believe it, they are DREAMS afterall. This lead me to check my stats on my dream blog to see how this guy found my blog but turned up nothing; this wasn't the blog he was referring to. So I checked the stats for this blog and bingo I found him. This is where things get interesting, if not down right amusing.

Upon looking over the statistics of his visit I find several amusing points. First, that he found my blog by typing "toronto snow melting machine" into a search engine. Second, that he was doing this at 2am. Thirdly, and most notably, he stayed for at least and hour and forty minutes! Oh, and that he uses his tv to surf the net. *snicker*

So let me see here.... I have received a passive/aggressive e-mail from someone with regards to my blog, stating that "You need to get out more or you might start believing all that nonsense on your website". When I read that I decided to have a look at what is on my main page currently to figure out what he may be talking about. Let's see.... I talked about the Holocaust, the tsunami relief/help, Red Bull, Blockbuster late fees and the lowering of ticket prices in theatres, conservatives and liberals duking it out in the media, and peace summits in Egypt (along with boring banter about my bad moods and the usual talk of weather). Help me out and point out for me which part exactly is the nonsense? In other words, which part is it that you disagree with, and therefore is of course, in your mind, nonsense? Coz if you got something to say, be a man and post a comment under the appropriate offending post!

As far as I am concerned this whole e-mail is a joke. He wasn't even brave enough to just post his passive/aggressive remark for everyone to see and in return comment on (no worries big guy, I took care of that for ya!). He's surfing from his television at 2am and spending almost 2 hours on a website that he seems to feel is full of nonsense. Oh, and the guy (who seems to think he's Ed Wood, and signs his e-mails as "EW", which says it all, really) who thinks I should be the one getting out more is looking up info on a snow melting machine! (look, let me spare you and just give you the link you were looking for, Ed) Dude.... I'm thinkin' it's not ME that needs to get out more... but thanks for writing! You have provided me with great amusement!

UPDATE: The crazy fellow came back to my blog for another peek, perhaps because of the e-mail I sent. Sadly, even after a 15 minute stay, he left no comment. Drat!