Monday, February 07, 2005
on the edge of peace....... again.
Well, according to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice: "The leaders of Israel and the Palestinian Authority have agreed to separate meetings with President Bush, and the United States will send a security coordinator to the Mideast". Sounds like exciting stuff, doesn't it? Makes you think... wow, see how fast things have moved towards (not yet achieved) peace since Arafat up and died? Does this not say something to not only people around the world but to the Palestinians themselves?? Ok ok, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.. I know peace has come close before with no success. And really... have a look at the picture on the right. What the hell is Arafat doing in the background? Why would you even want his name tagged to this sudden upswing in democratic negotiations? I suppose it could be argued that it helps Abbas gain support, but if you were trying to blaze a new trail, wouldn't you want your name, and yours alone, to be tied to such a historical event? *shrug*

Well, let me tell you where there IS some hope: Greensboro, North Carolina. Yes, this little town has had something interesting brewing in it's Page High School: a school play about the Holocaust. Why is this so extraordinary? Not only did this drama class get to talk to the survivor whom this play was based on, they will also be performing the play at Disney World! For more on this you can read the article here. A big thanks to Sam for spotting this article and sending it to me.