Monday, February 07, 2005
that's right, I'm not above pimping myself out!
Well, I apparently have no idea what's going on with these crazy Jewish And Israeli Blog Awards, coz I'm back up on the ballot. Seems the last round was only the preliminary and now we are in the final round. The only question now is.... how much do ya love me? :-D Click on the button and vote for me... coz I am up against some very tough competition. So far I have zero votes... so vote and vote often! And if you love somebody else, that's ok too... go vote for him/her. Just humour us and vote... makes us all feel loved.

How was everybody's weekend? Mine was good, then bad, then good, then bad, then.... well, you get the point. My bad mood stretched for a whopping four days ending with me having a really bad migraine for over 12 hours. It only finally went away when I joined my Sunday morning meditation group and finally got calmed and centered myself a bit. I know meditation is good and all but I have never had it be successful in making a migraine go away! I was pretty pleased with myself and made it worth getting up at 7am on a Sunday. Next time I get a headache I'm doing that meditation again.

As a side note, we have been having more wacky weather here in Toronto. Over the weekend the temperatures were much higher than what is normal ( 5-7C/41-44.6F) and so there was a blanket of fog from Saturday night until Sunday afternoon (article with news clip showing fog here). More notable than the fog was the fact that the first ever winter smog watch has been issued for southern Ontario, a sign of the growing pollution problem that comes with living in a big city. Warm weather and less wind has meant that pollution lingers longer... bad news for all of us, especially those with asthma. I took pictures during my drive on Sunday, around 7:30am; you can head over to my photoblog or click here and here to behold the fog. You gotta see it to believe it.

Other than that my weekend was ok. I went to a small art gallery on Saturday with a group of my friends to show some support for my brother. He and his friend had a showing at a gallery in downtown Toronto so I went and nibbled on cheese, drank water, admired wine (ha! I typed 'whine' first instead of 'wine'. how telling), noshed on veggies and fruits and looked at some great photography. It was delightfully pretentious and I was very happy and proud of my brother. He's a good guy, I like him. After that my friends and I went out for dinner (I ordered the "Mediterranean platter" in order to get my fix of pita, hummus and falafel) and I had a friend crash on my couch for the night.
what did you kids do over the weekend?