Tuesday, February 22, 2005
I dream of Israelis
I have a new crush... it's the shawarma guy down the street from me. *dreamy*
I was looking to grab a quick bite of food last night before heading to a movie with my friends so I decided to head to this shawarma place near my house that I had been meaning to check out. I heard it was run by a couple of Israelis, and we all know I am fond of those, so off I went to investigate. I went in with another friend of mine and found two gentlemen behind the counter, both very friendly. Immediately the cute one asked if I spoke Hebrew (obviously having spotted my star of david necklace that I picked up in Israel) and I answered that I only spoke a little. I began chatting up the two gentlemen saying that I heard that this place was run by a couple of Israelis and that's why I had come to check it out, and the older guy said that his friend there was from Haifa. I remarked that I had just been there last fall and how much I loved it, etc.. etc... Basically I was melting while chatting to the cute boy from Haifa coz he had gorgeous eyes and an adorably shy demeanor. I think I may be eating a lot of shawarma in the coming weeks... I must go there alone to see him again! (I don't think going in with a guy friend helped my chances any. lol) *sigh* Me likes the Israeli boys!! I think I'm just going to have to marry one.

As side note to that story, I saw the movie Constantine last night, starring Keanu Reeves. My geek friends and I just had to go see it because it is, afterall, based on a comic book we are quite familiar with and love. I had extremely low expectations going into it as I had been reading nothing but bad reviews about the film, but ya know what? It wasn't the worst film I have ever seen! (that award still currently goes to the Christian Slater vehicle "Alone in the Dark") I thought the effects were pretty well done and the story wasn't altogether too bad. So don't be scared off by crappy reviews if you were interested in going... just go! Decide for yourself (and make sure you don't expect too much of it. lol).

In a completely unrelated note, know what I noticed the other day? I noticed that despite being right handed, I favour the left side first on many activities. When I shave my legs, I do the left one first (this is what got me thinking about it... I just happened to notice while in the shower the other day). I put my left leg into my pants first, put my left sock and shoes on first... and when putting on my coat, the left arm goes in first (unless someone is holding it for me, in which case I strangely opt to put the right arm in first). In fact, when I pull a shirt on over my head I put my left arm through the sleeve first. *shrug* Weird, no?