Sunday, February 20, 2005
And the winner is.....
I have been rather slow in posting about this but the votes have be tallied and the winners announced for the Jewish & Israeli Blog Award. For a full list of the winners head over to Dave's post at Treppenwitz. And while I placed third in the preliminaries I was trounced right proper in the final bid for "Best Personal Blog". I'd be upset but I can't help but be happy and proud to have even found myself in the same category with such fine blogs. Truly, a year and half ago when I was trying to get this blog off the ground I never thought anyone would even notice my little blip on the radar. Yet less than a year after I began I was in Israel meeting up with a group of Israeli bloggers, many of whom I look up to admire for their fine work. A few months later I found myself nominated along with some of those wonderful blogs and was honoured to be considered in the same class. Wow. This well and truly has been a privilege.

Thank you to all of you for your support and votes (with a special thanks to Occasional Bitch for the amazing "vote for celestial blue button"), thank you to Dave over at Israellycool for his exhaustive efforts in running these awards and a big thanks to all the other bloggers who were nominated and won, you have been an inspiration. Congratulations to all the winners!