Sunday, November 28, 2004
a story about a man and his hair
Can someone tell me why it is that Angelina Jolie's character had a Russian accent in the move "Alexander"? And why no one else had an accent (except for the guy with a Scottish accent)? Just what the hell was Oliver Stone thinking when he directed this movie?? Because I haven't seen hair this distracting on a character since Tom Cruise's hair in "Collateral". Seems silly that I picking on a movie simply for it's hair and accents? Well, it is all part of the first important part of film making.... the ability to get an audience to suspend it's disbelief. You have to get the audience to buy into the film and it's characters, and if you can't do that the movie often just doesn't work. And so this film was so unbelievably bad that I actually chuckled outloud a few times. Colin Farrell a hottie? Not in this movie... Angelina Jolie is the one looking good on the screen this time, not Colin in his blonde mullet.

Prior to that movie I had just spent 2 hours in another theatre watching the movie "Hero". It's very much in the style of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", what with the flying martial arts too ridiculous to believe, but so cool that you just don't care. I liked it and was in awe of the agility of the actors in the fight scenes. Great film, unless you hate subtitles.

So that was my weekend, mostly. I went out Friday night with 20 of my friends for a big dinner and one of my friends crashed on my couch for the night. The next day we went and saw Hero and then Alexander and then had dinner. After chilling out for the day today I am heading up to Princess Blondie's house for Survivor night.
Hope everyone had a good weekend.... back to work tomorrow. (doh! that just reminded me.. I have to check my lottery tickets!!)