Sunday, November 21, 2004
when bloggers meet
I'm pretty sure my mom taught me not to talk to strangers, let alone meet them in an airport, pick them up and go out to lunch with them. Yet there I was walking through the Toronto airport yesterday looking for two complete strangers, passing through my town on their way back to Israel. And sure enough I managed to locate HebrewLion and his wife and off we went to spend a few hours together before they caught their next flight.

We had a wonderful time and talked about everything from Israel to American/Canadian relations and politics (they are Americans living in Jerusalem for two years of study). There was never a lull in conversation, and indeed we had many laughs together. *sigh* I was a grinning fool by the time I dropped them off at the airport again. I just love meeting other bloggers, and I was so sad that they were unable to attend the blogger bash in Israel in September. I was afraid I would never get a chance to meet them. Happily, in the end, I was able to. The internet is a marvellous thing.

So that was the highlight of my weekend, and I took today as my day to just chill out. I cleaned my whole apartment, did a little grocery shopping and spent some time with my parents. And I went to the gym yesterday and worked out so I am feeling a bit sore today. However, I must admit... I am feeling pretty good since I started working out. Who knew exercise was so good for you?? :-P
All is well, and I am feeling content today. Hope everyone had a good weekend.