Wednesday, November 17, 2004
coming back down to earth
Whew. Crisis averted.
I have no idea what enters my brain, but every so often I get kinda nutty. My nuttiness grew throughout the day yesterday until I was downright screwy by the time I left work. I won't get into details as to where this kind of thinking leads my daft little brain, lest you decide I am ready for a rubber room (which I was beginning to think by the end of the night that I was), but let's just say a good night's rest has mercifully put things back in perspective. The only thing I did to indulge my obsessiveness was to buy a book on my way home from work, and it wasn't even for me... I got it for Princess Blondie. See? Retail therapy doesn't even have to be for you, it can be a present for someone else! (and then I wonder why I'm in such debt?? duhhhh....)

That being said, I am trying to cool my jets when it comes to this recent debate over whether I should go to Israel for a few months or not. Clearly I am not in the right frame of mind to be considering such drastic life-altering choices. lol. 'Nuff said!

Anyway, before I go, I have added a couple of new blogs to my blogroll... go check them out. At Level Ground is a wonderful blog out of Jerusalem with lots of excellent photos. And Who's Your Rabbi? has an interesting take on things.. Go show them some love, folks!