Friday, November 19, 2004
And I thought *I* had problems!
See that picture on the right? What you see there is an Israeli soldier helping a Palestinian out of a collapsed tunnel that he was buried in. A tunnel that he was digging to smuggle guns and such from Egypt into the Gaza Strip. To attack and kill Israelis with. Did the IDF leave those Palestinians buried alive to die? No. They didn't. They helped get them out.
For other pictures that show a side of the Israeli Defense Forces that no one ever sees please check out this post over at Boker Tov, Boulder. There you will see soldiers who are only human... holding a young child, praying together and petting a stray kitten. Very sweet and moving pictures, go have a look.

But Israel has other problems to deal with at the locusts. Seems Egypt is battling a huge swarm of locusts (check out Boker Tov, Boulder again for this incredible picture!!!!) and now they are making their way into southern Israel. This is bad news for anyone growing anything that might be appealing to these creatures, but good news for those who like to fry up locusts with a little oil and seasonings. Mm-mm!

As for me... well, I think I've stopping going crazy. Then again, I thought that before, so I'm afraid to say it this time. After resisting the urge to call up my buddy SAM and have a freakout on the phone, I decided instead to go to the gym and work out after work. I hadn't been in a few days, and can I just tell you... I felt *amazing* afterwards!!! This gym thing is the best idea ever, and apparently my body was craving it... it just had a pissy way of showing it.

So I am back on track and ready for the weekend. Tonight I'm heading over to Princess Blondie's house for our usual Friday night of watching our (taped) episode of Survivor. And tomorrow I am meeting HebrewLion and his wife at the airport for a few hours while they wait for their connecting flight on their way back home to Israel.Yay!!! I can't wait to finally meet them! :-D

Shabat Shalom!