Tuesday, November 23, 2004
random bitties
Israel is still battling locusts as they are threatening to sweep across Israel. Israel is doing everything it can (ie: spraying bug killer) while others have decided to feast upon the creatures (it's said that they are good when fried up with a little oil). There seems to be some disagreement on the matter of whether or not they are kosher (Imshin and Sha! says they are, Allison seems to think not), though I don't think it matters much to the Thai workers who find them to be a delicacy. In any event, Israel is getting some chilly weather now, which should bring this all to an end soon enough.

In other news, Arafat's nephew has admitted that the medical report after Arafat's death indicates there was NO poison found, though he still believes there is a chance he was (because those damn Jews were out to kill Arafat, afterall). I enjoy how Palestinians can ignore medical reports and throw all rationale out the window in order to blame Israel. He also said that even if he *wasn't* poisoned, Israel was still at fault for confining Arafat to his headquarters for the last few years. Yeah, I'm sure he had a rough life sitting on a cushion made of billions of dollars he stole from his people. Quit blaming Israel, already! The guy was old. He's dead. Let's move on.

I did not win the lottery on Friday. I am again disappointed in the lottery system here in Toronto. I will attempt to keep the faith by buying more tickets this week. It's only a matter of time, right? :-/

On Saturday, as I drove along the highway on my way to meet HebrewLion at the airport, I saw a most disturbing site. As I passed a pickup truck I noticed he had a giant deer (dead, I might add) tied down to the back of his truck. This upset me. It's horrible to see such a magnificent creature reduced to that. To being strapped on a truck in the pouring rain. Made me sad. Poor deer.

Let's talk about music. Let's talk about extremely overplayed music. Music that makes me homicidal after hearing it 10 times a day while I am at work. Firstly, there's Maroon 5, which I have in fact bitched about before. Well lucky me, they have a new single and it's getting plenty of airplay. I hate you, Mr. DJ!!! Same goes for Kelly Clarkson and her fucking song about spreading her wings and learning how to fly. I curse you, Kelly Clarkson, and American Idol too, for spawning you. And to you, Mr. DJ, I hope that song haunts you at night when you try to sleep. It's richly deserved. And finally, there is the new Duran Duran song. I might have liked it had I not heard it every other hour for the last 2 weeks. Now I may never know if I was ever going to like it, because to hear it now makes me want jam icepicks in my eardrums.
Music. It is the love of my life, and the bane of my life.

I have been obsessing over a toy for the last few months. It is a doll...an IDF soldier... and it is mighty hard to find. Last weekend when I was at the toy show with my friends I asked every idiot there who sold such soldiers if they had one, but alas they did not. Most websites I go on are the same: sold out. Why didn't I buy this soldier 2 years ago when they were more plentiful? I have no idea. But now I want it, perhaps because I can't have it. *sigh* But it's so cool!!

And just how the hell did Israel get snow before me??? I'm in CANADA. *pout*
Snow and lottery winnings, please.