Friday, November 05, 2004
happy happy!
Me in my fancy new sweater my mom brought back for me from ParisI'm in a good mood today (though it doesn't seem to show in that pic of There are a number of reasons, but the main one stems from an e-mail I got this morning from a certain Hebrew Lion over in Jerusalem. This is a blogger whom I adore but did not have the opportunity to meet at the Israeli Blogger Bash back in September (he and his wife were out of the country). I was very sad he wasn't there, but this morning I got an exciting e-mail... he will be passing through Toronto on his way down to Boston, and has a 7 hour layover here! The last time I heard he came through Toronto on his way somewhere else (California?) I told him that next time he was passing through he should let me know and we could hook up for dinner. And so he did! Yay!!! I can't wait to meet him and his lovely wife. So November 20th I'm gonna scoop them up from the airport and have dinner with them for a few hours and talk the day away. Eeeek! I'm so excited. Meeting other bloggers is such an awesome experience!

What else? Well... I don't need to dwell on Arafat do I? Tick tock, tick tock.... he's time is nigh. Hurry up. The peace process has been waiting for this day. *fingers crossed*

Last night I signed up to a new gym with my mom (and she forked out the money for it! bonus!). I have never been much of a gym girl for a few reasons: (1) unless it is *right* in my backyard, it can never be close (and therefore convenient) enough. I'm lazy, I'll admit it. (2) I am poorer than dirt. Unless it's free, I can't afford it. (3) Motivation. I need someone else to kick me in the ass and join me in the gym to ensure I am kept accountable. (4) Time. The idea of spending an hour or two in the gym is *highly* unappealing. (5) Hate me if you must, but I am a skinny litle runt who has never had to worry about her weight. In fact, I have to struggle to keep weight on, especially when I get sick (with my recent illness and surgery I lost over 5 lbs/ 2.3 kg, which is a lot for me and not healthy!). I know most women think this is an ideal way to be, but it has it's health concerns too, so don't be so quick to judge me and call me a skinny bitch. And you have NO idea how bad I feel the cold in the winter!! Anyway, being petite has meant I have never felt greatly compelled to workout to achieve a particular weight.

So lucky for me, the moons seem to all have aligned and the bases are covered! The gym, though not in my backyard, is SO close it might as well be. I can walk to it! That eliminates my biggest excuse. My mom has signed up with me which takes care of the money thing and the motivation thing. She needed a gym partner too, and felt the price of my membership was worth it. It works out well for both of us. And the best part... the workout is 30 mins. Some of you may have heard of this's a new setup in many women's gyms in which there is a circut of equipment that you rotate through. You do a high energy workout in which you get a minute or so on each piece of equipment (and you work your ASS off in that time, I might add) and then move onto the next. You do NOT stop moving the entire 30 mins, which is very good for keeping the heart rate up. Anyway, a lot of people think it's a lame system, but I actually really enjoyed it. And if I like it that means I'll do it, and already that's more exercise than I'm presently getting (which is ZERO, I am embarrassed to report). So yay for me finally finding an exercise program I am comfortable with!

And tonight I am heading up to Princess Blondie's house to curl up and watch Survivor with her. Always good to see her, she's good for my soul, that girl is. :-D

All this and the new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars movie has been released today.
It's looks pretty damn cool, check it out here.
*sigh* Life is good.

Shabat Shalom.