Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Day of Reckoning
"Yet our best trained, best educated, best equipped, best prepared troops refuse to fight.
Matter of fact, it's safe to say they would rather switch.....than fight"
- Martin Luther King Jr

Well, this is it. The big election day in the United States. And it's safe to say this is THE election that the whole world will be watching. I can't remember an American election that has had the entire world holding it's breath quite like this one. I was mildly interested in the last election, but this time I will be among those holding my breath as the results come in. This election could change *everything*.

I have not bothered to offer my opinion on Bush or Kerry because I am just not in the mood to deal with rabid supporters going off on rants that end in mud slinging and disrespect. Calling someone a moron for voting for a particular candidate is not exactly an intelligent response, nor is it going to sway somebody to suddenly vote the other way. In fact, there are some blogs I have almost stopped visiting altogether because I cannot stomach the name smearing of the candidate they oppose. This election has reduced otherwise intelligent individuals into school bullies who think they know it all, and shit upon anyone who's views and opinions differ from their own. And I have to say, it's the pro-Bush blogs that have repelled me the most. Sorry, I know most of my Israeli bloggers seem to support Bush, but how you go about selling the rest of us on Bush is just....well... childish, a lot of the time. Sometimes even disgusting or repelling. As I said, I have had to stop reading some of my favourite blogs because they are just *way* over the top with the Bush support and I choke on it whenever I go there. Support Bush, fine, but to use the old "Kerry is a liar" as your main argument is not only tiring as all hell, it's a joke considering the amount of lies and deception that have been going on for the last 4 years.
I have yet to see any pro-Kerry blogs, but then again...I haven't cared enough to look.

What are Canadians thinking? Well, most favour Kerry, that's no surprise (except for Crawler, who loves Bush and thinks we should have gone to look for the weapo...well...to go start a war). Most see Bush as a crazy gun-toting Texan who likes to start wars under false (or misinformed) pretenses. However, Kerry won't be so good for Canada, overall. He has some policy plans that will put a clamp on some of the trading and such, between Canada and the US. I guess we'll see...

And of course, all the Jews are wondering...which president is better for Israel? This becomes a tough call for Jews living in the States... do you vote for the guy you think is best for the US or for Israel? Because the answer may not be the same. I have to admit, I think Bush would be better for Israel.
So which one? WHICH ONE??? Thank god I'm not American.. I leave the choice to you guys. Good Luck... coz quite frankly, I don't like either option.

Bush and Kerry showing their support for Israel. photo taken from: http://www.nationalvanguard.org/Tonight I am heading back to my Hebrew class for the first time in over a month. I'm not looking forward to it, as I have not been practicing it for a long time and I'm very far behind. But after that I will be watching the Daily Show (with John Stewart) coverage of the election at 10pm (est). I can't wait, I have really come to love that show over the last month. I love John Stewart. I think I'll marry him. (a nice Jewish boy!)

And now.....we can only wait and see......