Thursday, November 04, 2004
Smoothed over
Folks... I am pleased to report that Smooth Stone and I have patched up our rift. If you don't know what I am talking about it will have to remain that way, for Smooth and I have both removed the posts that contained our harsh and unkind words. A battle over politics is not a pleasant thing, especially between friends. Luckily Smooth was a big enough man to step up and make things right... he is the one who once again demonstrates to me why I admire him so much. Thank you for helping to make things right, Smooth.
Let this be a new beginning!

And it looks like it's starting off right! I know I got excited about this before, but this time it really *does* look like Arafat is gonna kick the bucket. He is in a coma and it looks like his organs are shutting down. I know I shouldn't be cheering someone's impending death and all... but it's hard not to when you think how many lives might be spared by his death. Let us hope his death brings a new era in the Middle East.... one of hope.

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that Arafat is dead. Others are splitting hairs and saying he is brain dead. Let me help you out... that's pretty much dead. He's a vegetable. If he is on life support and his brain has shut down it's safe to say it's over. Let's move onto building a future.