Wednesday, October 27, 2004
what the hell??
Now...maybe I just see things differently, but doesn't it appear as if Bush and his wife are looking in a funhouse mirror?? LOOK at their freakishly long arms and jumbo hands!! Bush reminds me of Mr. Fantastic, of the comic book "The Fantastic Four". Can't see it? Don't know what I'm talking about? Look at this picture and tell me you don't see a resemblance. Oh yeah.

Am I the only one who couldn't get onto Blogger today? Not my own blog, not other blogs hosted by Blogger, not any of Bloggers pages and certainly not to sign in and post. Grrr. Sometimes Blogger makes me crazy. If only I had enough html smarts to set up my own domain and page and blog and such.

Anyway, I have been in a mad cleaning frenzy to clean up my apartment as two of my childhood friends are going to be here any minute. I have known these girls for 21 years, and though our lives are very different now (I grew up in the city, they stayed in the country, up north) we still have a great time when we get together. I can't wait. :-)

And can someone tell me why I am getting several hits a day from people looking for some variation on the serach for "Home Depot girls pictures"??? What's that all about??

Also, I had a dream I was David Arquette and I was trying to sabotage a Nazi supply train (which looked surprisingly modern considering it would in the 1940's. it shoulda looked more like this). *shrug* I have wacky dreams, what can I tell ya?