Sunday, October 31, 2004
Goblins and Ghosts and Witches, oh my!
I dug up this old picture of my brother and I dressed up for Halloween (I think it's 1977 or so). Gotta love the old school costumes and the homemade ones (which my dad often did and did an awesome job of, I might add!). Perhaps being Batgirl at such a young age is what began my journey as a comic book geek. These things start so young (case in point, check out this picture of what my friend put his baby in...and it wasn't even for Halloween!!)

Last night my friend and I went and saw the movie "Saw" (pretty good, gripping and twisted) and tonight my friends and I are heading to an old movie theatre to catch Evil Dead 2. I love that movie, and I love going to see old movies on Halloween that have been brought back to the big screen. Last Halloween my friends and I went and saw Alien, and the year before that it was Friday the 13th, Part 3 (in 3D!! it was awesome!!).

Anyway, I won't be dressing up this year. I never thought up a costume and it seems silly to dress up just to sit in a dark theatre anyway. lol. So I am meeting my friends downtown at the Cinema Royal for a scary late night movie and likely, some coffee afterwards.
For those celebrating the occasion, I wish you a Happy Halloween full of candy and fun. Go scare the pants off someone tonight! It's the only time of the year in which it's perfectly acceptable!