Friday, October 29, 2004
watching and waiting
Well, Meryl had the right idea when she said she wasn't getting too excited about the possibility of Arafat dying just yet, saying: "that mass-murdering bastard disappoints me every time and manages to survive". LOL! Tell us how you *really* feel, Meryl!

I for one cannot BELIEVE the mass coverage this is getting all over the news! It's on the front page of the Toronto Star (the main newspaper here), including a huge picture of that Rat boarding a plane. (I'd offer a link but I see now that The Star has decided to make people register to read the online paper. Morons! here's an article from yesterday that doesn't seem to require a log-in). The front page article has comments like "he may die without ever realizing his dream of a Palestinian state". Oh Please. Don't even get me started, the man has been offered a state many times. He just happens to want a bigger piece of the pie.

The stir over his impending death has been interesting. And yes, I believe the man is going to die, given what little info we know. I have personally seen people die of "platelet deficiencies" (aka: cancer. and cancer of the blood is called leukemia. they ain't foolin' anyone by calling it a blood disorder), and I know what it looks like. And if it's not that, then it's clearly something just as bad, and 75-year-olds tend to have a hard time fighting off such serious conditions. I favour this article that goes so far as to say Arafat's "aides say he is incoherent and unable to recognize familiar people". I said it before, and I'll say it again.... I will not shed a tear for the man. And I hope to God that this can be the start of something positive. For Israel and for the Palestinians.
Shabat Shalom