Sunday, May 16, 2004
white flag
Sorry about my lack of posting but I had just had enough of the world's bullshit and I needed to take time away from it. I finally had my fill of people talking about the craziness in Iraq and the craziness in Israel. I just didn't feel like talking about it for a while.

I think what finally drove me away from my computer was reading about how everyone was using the beheading of Nick Berg to serve their own purposes. The anti-war groups are using the beheading to further their argument as to why the U.S. should pull out, and the pro-war folks are using it as a vehicle to prove that they cannot give up on "the war on terror" or else atrocities like that will continue. Conspiracies are growing about the beheading and I have even been reading a blog that is carefully dissecting (pardon my choice of words) the video and developing a theory that Nick was dead before he was beheaded (I'm sorry, does it REALLY matter?? he was killed. either way, it's disgusting). Meanwhile Rumsfeld is running around Iraq and releasing prisoners in an effort to save his ass and win back the affections of the Iraqis (as IF he had it before) and yet STILL the scandal keeps on snowballing.
Things are a mess and I can't take anymore talk of it. No offense to my American counterparts but I couldn't be any happier that my country stayed out of it (not that Canada could have been much of a help. lol).

Meanwhile things are a complete mess in Israel again as Palestinians have staged several 'successful' attacks on Israeli soldiers. I don't even want to get into this discussion because it's the same old argument as always. I just wish Israel would pull it's settlers out of Gaza and cut their losses and get on with the business of building their still very young country. Gaza is a waste of time, money, energy and lives. It's not worth it. And you know what? Much of the Israeli population wants the same. Get on with it already, enough is enough.

As for me, I have been enjoying my weekend and doing all the things I don't have time for during the week. A little upkeep in my home, some homemade meals of my own and tons and tons of Hebrew homework. I can't even admit to how much time I spent on it yesterday, it's just embarrassing, but I am trying to catch up to the class above me. I am so close I can taste it, damnit!! Of course that many hours of homework lead to me dreaming all kinds of wacky things in Hebrew last's funny how our brains digest info from the day.

Today I am meeting my girlfriends for an early lunch and then we are going to decide what adventure to take up for the day. We might head into downtown Toronto and walk around the city (the weather is supposed to be a gorgeous day today) or we might go a little north and go for a walk in the woods. There's a particular flower (the Trillium) that blooms this time of year and only for a very short period of time; one of the girls really wants to go find them and take some pictures, so we might do that. Hey, this is Canada, what can I say? We like our plants and trees, which is good coz we got *plenty* of them. lol I'll put up some pics on my photoblog either way.

In parting I'd like to say something to the person who found my blog by typing "I am going to kill myself if things don't get better soon." into the AllWeb search engine: I know how you feel, I've been there and I hope you found whatever you were looking for. I won't belittle you with dumb comments like "don't worry it'll get better" or "chin up, it's not so bad". I know those are not the least bit comforting. Get help, you know deep down inside you need it and want it.

For everyone else, I hope you had a fantastic weekend.....see ya tomorrow.