Tuesday, May 04, 2004
G.I. Joe
Ok, look......I'm only going to lightly touch on this issue, because it's already being discussed to death. I'm of course, referring to the photos of the Iraqi prisoners being abused by the US Army. Have you seen them? I mean really seen them, not just the one of the guy on the box? (click that link back there if you haven't. be warned, it's harsh stuff. link via Grasshoppa)
My thoughts on it are simple: I don't care how you cut it, it's wrong. Those may have been the worst Iraqis on the planet (ie: carried out Saddam's wishes) but that does not mean you strip them down and force them to give oral sex to each other while you stand there with a cigarette dangling from your mouth, and a big grin on your face (which also makes me wonder what kind of a dumbass you are that you'd take pictures of yourself doing such stupid things). The US is claiming to be coming in to serve justice to the people and help them create their own wonderful government and to rebuild the country, and the entire world is watching. The ARAB world is watching. It is up to that army to set the example and to rise above such wartime atrocities. This war was not a popular one to begin with, and this just lost what little world support there may have been. Those soldiers are a disgrace to not only the USA but to the civilized world. Nice job, ladies and gentlemen...nice job. You just made the task a million times harder. I wish the US Army the best of luck cleaning up the mess and winning back some support.

And with that, I move on to random (and much lighter) topics. First of all, I'd like to tell you all about my latest favourite cleaning product, Vim with bleach. Gets my tub and toilet clean like NO other product. Love it, can't get enough of it.

What else? ....... ah yes, Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby. I don't know why I've been thinking about this story lately, but I have been trying to track down a copy. I had it as a book-with-tape when I was a child (where you read along with the tape narrating the story) and I listened to it over and over and over again (I can still remember some of the lines in it, 20 years later). Little did I know how politically incorrect much of it was (it has subtle racial undertones towards African-Americans). I have found the story online, but it's now a watered down version (Brer Rabbit used to invite Brother Fox to smack him, for instance...but that has been removed). Anyway, I just thought I'd share that. Maybe I'll pick it up on eBay one day, I saw a couple of copies there.

And now I leave you with a cartoon. It's a take on the movie The Shining.... but this time it's done in 30 seconds, and re-enacted by bunnies. If you recall, I once gave the link for this, but for the bunny version of The Exorcist. Both can be found here. Enjoy!