Monday, May 10, 2004
Let me take you back in time to April 30th. You might recall me mentioning a terrorist attack in Israel in which a pregnant woman and her four daughters (ages 2 - 11) were killed. They were driving along a road when gunmen began shooting at the car. After losing control of the car and driving off the road the gunmen then proceeded to approach the car and shoot all five of them at point blank range to make sure they were good and dead. I have no words for how angry this disgusting attack makes me, for only the most soulless and heartless of bastards could possible commit such a horrifying crime. My heart, thoughts and prayers go to the father and husband of that family. I cannot imagine what kind of hell he must be going through.

But let me now point out that while most of us were celebrating our moms yesterday during Mother's Day, over in Israel a memorial was being held for the family that had been killed by those gunmen. And while family and friends gathered to mourn this terrible loss Palestinian terrorists disguised as women opened fire on those attending the memorial. I am happy to report that the gunmen were killed, but unfortunately the terror will not be forgotten. To see what I mean look at this picture and tell me that child will ever forget what she experienced. I think not. For more pictures look here and here (hat tip: Boker tov, Boulder! in fact, you should go read Yael's take on this while you're at it). Tell me, have you ever had to run for cover because you were being attacked at a funeral or memorial? Despicable.

While you're at it, please see Hasidic Gentile's post on Palestinian media tactics to illustrate how Israel is always painted as the bad guy and the full story is rarely told. A picture can be worth a thousand words, but two can make a whole story. Check it out.

Meanwhile, the fallout over these damn Iraqi abuse photos is reaching even into Israel, where Arabs are expressing their displeasure. There is the Commonwealth cemetery in Gaza City, where many soldiers killed in WW I from Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India are laid to rest. Dozens of graves were destroyed and vandalized, many with posters glued to the tombstones with swastikas painted over them. The posters show the now famous Iraqi prisoner photos.

And in case you think that the Palestinians ever let up, here's a report about Israeli Forces who foiled a suicide bomber, who planned an attack today. For added interest it has been noted that "The foiled attack featured one highly unusual twist: the would-be female suicide bomber, who commonly wears men's clothes and refers to herself as "Ahmed" is apparently hermaphroditic (a condition where both male and female reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics are present in the same individual)." Can't ever accuse Israel of boring news, now can ya?

I hate to post such a pessimistic post on a Monday morning...but it's days like this when I wonder...when will it ever end??