Friday, May 07, 2004
Am I the only one that found the Friends finale to be severely anti-climatic?? I was totally expecting to be bawling my eyes out....but I didn't shed a single tear. In fact, by the end I was getting annoyed because it was going slightly overtime and cutting into my E.R. time.

Shortly after I got home last night I heard a knock on my apartment door; twas my beloved neighbour, Princess Blondie. She invited me over for Chinese food, and really, how can I say no to an offer like that? MMMMMM... So we ate some dinner, washed some dishes and hung out. Then we had some tea and ate some chocolate bars and hung out and talked some more. And then we gave her puppy Carmella a bath (be sure to check out the other pics here, here, here and here. so cute!!) and eventually we watched Survivor, like we always do. Awesome. Just before Survivor was over I said to her, "you ARE gonna watch the last Friends episode with me, aren't you??" To which she said she wouldn't coz she didn't feel like crying. I asked if she was REALLY going to let me cry all alone and she groaned said of course not. Ha, I win!! But in the end I wasn't too impressed with the last episode, and realized that I hadn't seen several of the shows leading up to the last one, coz I hadn't a clue what was going on. Why was Rachel going to Paris?? Hunh?? Paris is about the last place I'd go for any reason, so I guess I was lacking understanding, in large part, due to my own bias. LOL So in the end, Survivor GOOD. Friends, BAD.

Let's see...what else....
Lets talk about a few other blogs. HebrewLion has written an awesome post about Israeli rap music and how it differs from American rap. I love his insight...I highly recommend you read it; you'll be surprised.
I have added a few new blogs to my blogroll: Bright Lights and Impossible Dreams and My Empire of Dirt (you might be interested in this one, Sam).
And if you haven't checked out Rat's blog before (he's been on my blogroll for a while, why haven't you read his blog??), go for it, but I suggest that any non-Australian readers refer to this Dictionary of Australian Slang. He speaks in code, I swear to god (grot?? avro?? what?!?). Rat, I decided to mention you today because for some reason when I woke up this morning the FIRST thing that popped into my head was the term "stickybeak". I have no idea why I thought of it, but I never heard of it until you, and it amuses me to this day.

As for me, tonight I am meeting up with a couple of girlfriends for dinner and a meeting (such wild and crazy girls!) and then after that I'm meeting up with my gang of nerds to see Van Helsing. Eek! I can't wait....I sure hope it doesn't suck.

And my final parting gift to you, my faithful audience, is a Periodic Table of Condiments for those who can't determine how long mustard is good for.

shabat shalom