Sunday, May 09, 2004
Happy Mother's Day
Omg, Blogger changed the entire interface on their site. I friggin' hate it already. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Now I'm gonna have to write a firmly worded e-mail expressing my displeasure. *sigh*

Anyway, today is Mother's Day here in North America and I, like millions of others, dutifully made an effort to let my mother know I love her. This was done in much the same fashion most mom's let US know that they love us....I cooked. I also got her a card and a flower planter and seeds, but the dinner was the main gift. I made lemon pepper catfish, potatoes and leeks, corn, tomato and cucumber salad and broccoli (if you don't like broccoli, you're a fool coz it's good and good for you!). My brother was in charge of dessert and he brought over a really delicious fruit flan he had bought. BOUGHT. Not like me, I MADE the dinner. In the end it was all very good and my mom did all the polite cooing and hugging to let me know I did a good job. S'what mom's are for, afterall. :-)

Earlier today I met with a friend of mine to go see an AWESOME movie called "Super Size Me". It's a documentary about a guy who decided to eat *nothing* but McDonald's for 30 days. I mean nothing....3 meals a day, and any snacks had to come from McDonald's too, right down to drinks. It documented his incredible physical deterioration as he packed on 25 lbs (11 kg) in a mere 30 days. But that was the least of his concerns...during all this he was being medically supervised by three different doctors/specialists and a nutritionist...and by day 21 they were all strongly urging him to stop his experiment as tests were revealing he was doing serious damage to his liver. Unbelievable.
So I highly recommend checking it out...he gives some amazing if not nauseating facts about food and what a fast food nation the United States has become. Scary stuff.

As for me, I am not trying to keep myself busy while NOT watching the Survivor finale. My Survivor buddy, Princess Blondie, is locked into Mother's Day obligations and couldn't watch it I am being the best neighbour EVER and taping it and waiting to watch it with her. TOMORROW. Yeah, wish me luck not tripping across the news announcing who the winner is (and any jokers out there who think it's funny to spoil such things can just go fuck themselves and not bother ruining it for me. it's just SO not cool). This pretty much means I can't watch the news tomorrow because it will be all over my usual breakfast news show. Bugger. I'll have to stick to Israeli news sites tomorrow until I get home. Ugh, and no radio in the car...gah!!! or at work!!! ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!
It's ok....I can do this. I can, I swear. Boy....I must REALLY like Princess Blondie.... :-P

So let me end this post with a fan favourite.....the results of a recent search that brought some unlucky sod to my site. I'd like to give a big shout out to the man who typed "I am a man I want to buy a toy to make love by myself" into Yahoo's search engine. Buddy, THAT'S what you're thinking about on Mother's Day?!? Dirty dirty bird!!!! And how disturbing is it that I was ranked 6th in the results for that??? *shiver*