Thursday, April 01, 2004
Calgon, take me away!
My week has gone horribly awry. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy to have a new car, but things went downhill after that.

First of all, I found out yesterday that one of my oldest and dearest friends is moving to Florida. Why must my friends keep moving away?!?! It's giving me a serious complex, and it makes me very sad. I did well to put on my "I'm so happy for you" voice on the phone, but really I had to struggle not to cry. She was one of my first bestest girlfriend's who really looked out for me and kept me out of trouble in highschool. Anyway, she's hit a hard time in her life and her marriage is being dissolved. I commend her for being brave and packing up her 2 year old daughter to start a new life somewhere else.... I don't know that I could. Boy, I'm really going to miss her...

Also, I am ready to kill my landlord. The hot water tap in my bathtub has, over the course of a week or so, gone from a drip to just all out running. This causes a number of problems; first, my apartment feels much like a sauna or deep jungle. Warm and humid. Really lovely to come home to. Also, it means that it is constantly draining the hot water tank for the whole building, so often I end up with the tailend of my shower being ice cold. Or sometimes I have to wash my dishes in cold water. Ick.

I had left a message or two for my landlord, but he seemed in no hurry to return them. In fact, it was becoming clear that he was away...perhaps on vacation. Yesterday he finally called my house just as I was leaving for work, to see what the problem was. An argument ensued as he was trying to lay blame on me (for apparently not calling him sooner, though I had been trying for a week). He said that since he was nowhere near (yeah, I'd say Texas is nowhere near here) he would have to send somebody in to fix it. Not particularly pleased with the idea of a stranger in my place I unhappily agreed. The thing needed to be fixed, what could I do? I'm working two jobs, and wouldn't be home before 9:30pm the rest of the week.

So last night I came home after my first job to change clothes and head to the second job. When I entered my apartment, I noticed it was quiet....... no sound of running water! "Hurray!" I's fixed. However, when I went to wash my hands I quickly discovered that in wasn't fixed. The hot water had simply been shut my WHOLE apartment. Sure, I had cold water, but now I had no hot water whatsoever. Livid, I called and left a message for my landlord to fucking well fix it since I couldn't even take a shower in the morning before work.

I arrived home from my second job, tired and hoping to find hot water in which to soak my aching body (I hurt my back at work, and wanted to have a nice relaxing bath). No such luck. So I was forced to call my parents and pack an overnight bag...and I stayed there for the night. I had a nice hot bath before bed, and a nice hot shower when I got up. But can I tell you what a huge pain in the ass it is to not be able to home to my OWN place?? That I PAY for???
Angry doesn't even begin to cover it. That sonofabitch better be on a plane right now. And he must be kidding if he thinks he's getting a rent cheque today. I'll be making deductions.

Anyway! On to happier things. My bestest buddy and neighbour, Princess Blondie, has a new puppy!!! Her name is Carmella, and she's only 7 weeks old. She's a pomeranian/poodle mix, which normally isn't my kind of dog, but this thing is too cute. So tiny!!!

I'll be posting pics of my new car and of Carmella after I finish this post. You can check it out on my photoblog.

Oh, and one last thing..... they caught the stupid kids who caused the anti-semitic vandalism in the Toronto area. Hurray for the cops!!