Monday, April 05, 2004
search engine madness
Here are some of the creative ways people have found my blog; these are actual searches people typed into a search engine...and found ME.

"hummer car headoffice" (in the Swedish version of Google I somehow came up #1 for this. *shrug*)

"sitting in my t-shirt" (what would possess someone to look this up? what were you searching for?!)

"humourous misconceptions about Canadians" (this one just makes me proud, but it's safe to say by the spelling of humourous [vs. humorous] that it wasn't an American looking it up.)

"turkey dream pics of mosques" (once again ranked number one for this for some reason, in the Australian Google)

"dream nightclub pic" (must have been a disappointment to find me ranting about Israel instead of a pic of a nightclub)

"migraine necklaces Canada" (what?? )

"hydro poles cancer" (was only #13 in this one [and the last one too] and am alarmed the person found ME when searching. lol)

"my seething hate for you" (two problems here. 1. what is SO wrong in your life that you would type this into a search engine? 2. why was *I* in the results of that search??)

"leg torso ratio" (yes, I wrote a post about that. good to see others are wondering about it too. LOL)

""hesitate" kia problems sephia" (number five in a Yahoo search. I wonder if s/he bought the car after reading my blog?)

and my personal favourite...

"the trouble that blue crabs have" (WTF?!?!)