Wednesday, March 03, 2004
returning the seat to the upright position
Well my mood is slowly improving today. I was still a bit grumpy this morning, but I've got an appointment to get a haircut this afternoon, which always makes me happy (plus it gets me out of work a bit early, which also makes me happy). Short hair is bliss, I tells ya (especially if you're taking up diving).

Last night I had an odd dream in which I was locked into this crazy debate with myself over whether or not to buy some wooden bench. It was truly bizarre, because I can't imagine why I would figure I needed one, but I guess that's dreams for ya. I seemed to really be wrestling with the idea of buying it, and I think it all ties back to my dumb debate over buying that necklace. Seems I wanted it even more than I thought. LOL. How exactly that translates to a wooden bench in my mind, I'll never know.

This morning my beloved neighbour across the hall, Princess Blondie, called me up when I got to work. She said, rather excitedly, that the last episode of this season of Survivor was going to be aired on a big screen in Madison Square Garden. I said...."uh...ok. And?" There was a pause. "Are you suggesting that we take a road trip to New York to go see it there??" I laughed. That was a pretty crazy suggestion...and I liked it! What better way to celebrate our Survivor ritual (of watching it every Thursday night together) than with a big party at the end. Gives us an excuse to get out of town. :-) And hey...maybe I'll be able to meet up with a certain NY blogger I know... hurray!!

So that helped to improve my mood. Not sure if it'll happen (I can't afford a necklace, where do I think I'm going to get money for this??) but it's enough to pick up my spirits today. Tonight I have to head over to my second job at the diving shop, so I'm not gonna get home until late again. And at some point I have to buy a damn bathing suit. I'm not one of those girls who loves to shop, so I'm not relishing the thought. I hate trying clothes on, it's a pain in the ass, and it's even *worse* if it's a bathing suit. Not only that, but I'm going to have to make a snap decision because I am extremely limited for time. Stupid bathing suit, fragga shmagga. Why oh why did I have to leave my bathing suit in Israel last year...WHY???

Oh, and one last point. In my attempt to clean up my habits (eating and exercising, that is) this past month, I am happy to report I have finally broken one of my hardest habits. Until now, the only thing more white than my pastey skin colour, was my bread. But now I have graduated to whole wheat bread, ladies and gentlemen. I don't love it yet, but maybe in time. I'm at least not hating it like I used to. lol. And I'm sure not going to go with the 50 grain bread that makes me feel like I'm running through a wheat field with my mouth open. But it's a start. Hell, I've conquered whole wheat bread, I can do anything now! haha