Monday, March 01, 2004
making like I'm busy here at my desk
I was in a good mood for most of the day. Then some disagreements with co-workers started to take that all downhill for me...and I am perpetually cursing the ISP here at work, as it works like a dream for about 5 minutes in a row, and then won't load a page for a good 30 - 40 seconds. Then it will work fine again, loading pages lightening fast, and then it won't load jacksquat a few minutes later. It truly makes me angry, and it's why I usually don't post from work like this. It often eats up posts.

And I have found out I'm working tonight at my second job. I was looking forward to going home and doing some homework, but it'll have to wait until after both jobs now. And who are we kidding, I'll be too tired to do homework. That's why I'm posting now...not sure how lively I'll feel by the time I get home tonight. *snore*

Meanwhile I am looking at things on eBay that I would like to buy. I am currently drooling over this item and would give a kidney for it I want it so bad. Ok, maybe not a kidney..maybe my gallbladder, I can do without that. Isn't it pretty???? *sigh* It's also a trillion dollars, or it might as well be. Once you do the dollar exchange, it's a lot of money, and I really shouldn't be spending that kind of money on something that isn't a necessity. *pout*
But isn't it pretty!?!?! Oh how I love it so.

So last night I went to see the movie "Monster" with my friend. The theatre was nearly empty since everyone was off watching the Oscars, so it was nice. Or so I thought. I figured it would be good because there were only 5 pairs of people (my friend and I included) and so we could all have our space and quiet. Amazingly, *every* single idiot felt the need to talk during the movie. ALL of them. And they wouldn't bother to lean into each other and whisper, either. At one point my friend asked the people behind us to be quiet. Then later I told some others to shut up. It just never stopped and I could only wonder what they felt the need to discuss all this time.
At the end of the film I got up and walked over to the couple that had annoyed me most and said: "Next time perhaps you could see fit NOT to talk during the *entire* movie, because it's REALLY friggin' rude!!!". They just stared at me in stunned silence, looking a bit shocked. They said nothing, and I turned on my heel and walked away.

My friend was evidently more pissed off than I, because she tracked down the theatre manager and asked where the hell the ushers were that are supposed to come in and check up on things. Finally the manager just gave us free passes for another movie. Hurray! But grrr! lol Believe me I would have taken a quiet theatre over free passes.

The movie was great, if not disturbing. Charlize Theron did a fantastic job, and managed to both horrify and draw sympathy. She certainly did justice to the real life woman she portrayed. Wonderful performance, but maybe not the film for everyone. There are some violent scenes that can be a little hard to watch (especially for women).

Anyway, if I think of anything interesting to say after work tonight I'll post again. Otherwise, have a good night.