Sunday, February 29, 2004
Am I the only one who gets paranoid about a good mood? Everytime I catch myself in a good mood I have a moment where I wonder....when's the other shoe gonna drop? As if this good mood can't possibly last, and something bad is going to happen. If one isn't careful, this type of overanalysis can really ruin a fine moment.

Anyway, I've been enjoying a relaxing weekend. Yesterday I worked, but it wasn't like WORK work....I drove around to other scuba diving shops all over the city to shop them and check out the competition (yes, my new boss actually paid me to do this). So I got to drive around Toronto on a beautiful sunny day. Can't complain about that! (except for the occasional parking problem. I could bitch about that forever.)
While I was out I called up a friend of mine (the one who went to see The Passion with me) coz he lived in the area, and we went out for some sushi. After that we walked around downtown and did a little shopping. It was really fun, and as I said, a beautiful day to be out and about.
After that I came home and just kind of lounged; I was tired so I turned down plans with my friends and just chilled. Later I met up with a good friend of mine I haven't seen in months, and we went grocery shopping together. The friends who buy groceries together, stay together, I always say! :-D He's a sweetheart, so I was pretty happy to see him. And hey, buying food is always good.

Today has been more of the same relaxing. Called my friend in England this morning and talked for an hour. I really miss her and her husband. *pout* And then I did some Hebrew homework for my class, and then I took a break and went for a walk. I couldn't stay in when the weather has been so warm this weekend (10C / 50F, which may not seem warm to most, but to Canadians we're practically ready to break out the shorts! That's *really* warm for February!!). Anyway, I took a stroll up the street to the Turkish grocery store that I visited before to pick up the pop that I liked so much the last time I was there. Folks, if you can get your hands on this soda from Turkey, try it! It's amazing. Here's the website (I particularly like the sales pitch in broken english: "We highly recommend 2 bottles of these delicious tastes daily for a healthy and alive lifetime... ". Yeah I'll BET you recommend I drink two a day! LOL).

And for the rest of the night I had resolved myself to more Hebrew homework and the Oscars, but a friend has called me up and lured me out to see the movie "Monster". At first I whimpered that I would miss the Oscars, but then I I really care?? lol I have always watched them, but I think that was in large part due to the fact that I had a best friend who loved watching them. It was always so much fun watching them with her but now I'm on my own and the thrill is gone. So I'm gonna spend some quality time with a friend I haven't seen since December. For shame! Never let that much time pass between seeing good friends, it's a crime.

That's it. No controversy today folks....just me blabbing about things you probably couldn't care less about. lol Such is life! Hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend too.