Tuesday, March 02, 2004
wants vs. needs
Will someone PLEASE talk me out of buying this necklace??? I want it so bad that it's makin' me crazy. I sit and stare and think about how pretty it would be around my neck. *sigh* Meanwhile I'm considering getting a roommate because my rent is too high and it's putting me in the poorhouse. I *know* I should stop my frivilous spending, but this necklace...it speaks to me...it says.... "buy me! love me!" Hahaha.....
The shipping alone (to Canada), is $18. $18!!! US DOLLARS, which is like a thousand Canadian dollars (or at least it feels like it). That means, (assuming I'm the only bidder) it would be $42.95 US....which is about... $57.64 CAN. Ouch!! See how I can't possibly justify spending that kind of money??? I haven't even got a bathing suit for the diving course this weekend...THAT is what I should be spending my money on!!! *pout*

*sigh* I hate being poor, it sucks ass.
Ok, I'm gonna try and book out of work early and get home to grab a quick bite to eat before Hebrew class tonight. Yay!
Maybe I'll have more to write about tonight..