Wednesday, February 25, 2004
off to investigate the fuss..
Well, I bought some tickets online (things are starting to sell out) and I am getting ready to meet up with my friend to see the movie. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was getting a bit nervous about what the crowd will be like. It's easy to be a loudmouth about wearing my necklace and letting everyone know I'm a Jew.....when I'm sitting in my living room. haha.. However, this IS Canada, perhaps the most polite nation on the earth, so I'm not too concerned. If anything, I'm actually concerned about any Jews who may have decided to protest outside. I'd be surprised if there were any (again, Canada here, follks. lol) but stranger things have happened. My Hebrew teacher begged me last night to not go to the movie, but I said I must. If I intend to understand, I have to. The end.

The first reports are starting to come in, and people seem really shocked by the violence. This article shows a picture of an audience (looking a bit horrified) as they watch. When trying to coax another friend of mine to join me tonight, she declined and cited the violence as one of the reasons she wouldn't go. I was surprised.

What is making MY stomach turn is the merchandise/jewelry being marketed for the movie. Check it out here. Personally I find the spike necklace (a spike on a leather cord, representing the spike put through Jesus' hand) in incredibly poor taste. I can see where Michele would want to kick Gibson in the nuts. If you want people to take your movie seriously as a work of art and an expression of genuine religious love, don't whore yourself out with cheap gimmick junk. It looks bad, Mel, it looks bad.

Anyway, I hope whoever sees it shares their views with the rest of us and let's us know what they think.