Friday, March 05, 2004
not giving up my day (or night) job
So you know how it is when you plan something out in your head? You map out how things are gonna go, and what people are gonna say and what you're gonna say in return? And then when things *don't* go as you expect you can get mad or confused or....well. You get the point. And MY point is.....I am not planning on serving papers to anyone again. Ever.

It pretty much didn't go at ALL as I expected. First of all, I had to wait around the switchboard for almost twenty minutes while they tried to find the guy (and my friend was in her car, watching from a distance). The longer I had to wait the more stressed I was getting. When he finally came out I smiled all cute-like and said I had something for him, and tried to HAND the envelope to him.... and I was stunned when he showed resistence. I tried to slip that envelope right in his hand but he wasn't taking the bait. He wanted to know who I was, what was in the envelope and who sent me (basically, he knew what I was up to). Have I mentioned that I am a craptacular liar? Simply the worst, especially under pressure. After fumbling with some terrible lies I turned into a smart ass and asked if he'd like a little song with it to make it a singing telegram. By the end of it all I was just giving him a look and telling him not to make this any harder. Eventually through some means I'm not thrilled about he took the envelope and went on his way. Yikes. Something I thought would take 30 seconds took half an hour. And by the end of it I was all shakey from the adrenaline.

Afterwards my friend and I had a nervous-yet-excited little celebration. It was nice, and I was so happy for her. You could see the relief melt into excitement as she broke into the occasional fit of dancing and singing as she realized it's finally over. It made it alllll worth it, baby! :-)

Later last night I had dinner with Princess Blondie and her boyfriend Bruno (my neighbours across the hall). Then we hung out and then watched Survivor. We had so much fun..... *sigh*. I love those kids.

Tonight I'm chilling out and then picking up a friend from the airport. I already got my bathing suit, and I'm all pumped for the scuba classes tomorrow. Woot woot!! Scuba diving for me!!