Thursday, March 04, 2004
papers and soccer balls
Well, my mood is finally being restored today. I was into work extra early this morning (coz I need to get out early) and I don't have to work or go to a class tonight. I finally have an evening to chill out, and watch Survivor with my neighbours. It has become a ritual every Thursday that I walk across the hall and knock on their door, head in, and curl up on the couch to watch the show together. Nothing like having friends for neighbours. :-)

I'm also in a good mood today because I am helping a friend bring closure to a very painful chapter in her life. Today I am going to walk up to her ex and serve him with divorce papers. I will do my best to keep the large grin off my face, but it will be hard when I know what a sonofabitch he has been to her. A real crime considering this girl truly has a heart of gold (and no, I'm not just saying this because I'm her friend...she really is "one of the good ones").

I have been daydreaming about what I will say to him, and what fake name I will use when introducing myself while suckering him into taking the piece of paper I will be handing to him (what do you think of Sarah Blankenship? lol). It's much more glorified in my head than I'm sure it will end up being, but there have so many movies about this that I run the range of scenarios in my head; everything from him threatening to kill me, to him crumpling to the floor in a pool of tears (wouldn't happen, but if it did I'd have to fight the urge to whip out my digicam to catch his sorry mug finally showing remorse). Maybe I shouldn't be enjoying this so much, but sometimes we have to find the little joys in life.
But most of all, I am glad my friend can move on. She deserves it more than anyone I know, as she has struggled to find herself and her happiness. And if I can help her out, than I damn well will. Sometimes friends are called upon for the strangest favours.... this has definitely been a new one for me. lol. And I am happy and honoured to do it. I'll let you know how it goes.

Meanwhile, a few other things have lifted my mood. The haircut I got last night is making me happy. And today I got my computer nerd/tech guy to call my isp and yell at them for me. I think the connection is better, but I'll have to spend more time on it to really find out. But so far it seems to be much improved! Hurray.

And it's been a while since I've mentioned anything about Israel, so let me bring a story to everyone's attention. In order to keep with the theme of a happy day, I have found an article that shows the efforts in Israel to cultivate peace and tolerance among Arabs and Jews. Recently, 200 Palestinian and Israeli children got together for a bilingual soccer training session. The interesting part was that they didn't just have the sides play against each other, they actually mixed them up and had them play together on mixed teams. Arabs and Jews playing on the same team and working together! They were able to overcome language issues with hand signals, and found that they in fact weren't so different afterall.
This may seem silly to much of the Western world, but every little bit helps in this struggle for peace. You won't ever convince the adults to change their minds when it comes to hate, but there might still be a chance with this younger generation. Here's hoping there's more activities like this in the future...*anything* to foster better relations.