Wednesday, March 10, 2004
and the emotional meltdown continues...
It seems I am retreating into my cave now, and am lacking a desire to be social. Sorry I can't be more entertaining but I'd rather be alone to wallow in my current misery and am one of those people who isn't keen on sharing or talking about it.

I suggest for entertainment you try out some of the links I have in that right hand column (cleverly placed under the "links" title). I didn't compile that list for MY benefit! Go try something new out.

When I'm done with my nervous breakdown, I'll let you know.

UPDATE: I just checked my horoscope. While I never take these things seriously, I still find them fun. And today is one of those days where it actually seems to ring true. That's good, coz if it is...there's a light on outside my cave.

VIRGO: The thrill is gone. For a moment, your dealings with other people seem hollow. Something in the stars sensitizes you to the underpinnings behind every encounter. Then something else happens -- you lighten up. Once you get your head around this realization, your next step will be putting the joy back into your world. Watch others and see how they recharge their batteries. Reconnect with the individuals, places or things that jolt you back to life.