Sunday, January 11, 2004
So I spent a large portion of my day yesterday doing homework. Like I said before, I only *wish* I was this excited about studying something a little more on the practical side. While I may be passionate about learning Hebrew, I think it's safe to say it's not exactly going to further me in life. Not here in Canada, anyway. LOL. Still, I was up and at it again bright and early this morning as I am pushing to catch up to the class that's a level ahead of me. My teacher wants to bump me up a level and has put up the challenge to me to get ahead in our textbook. For the number of hours I'm putting into this I'm a little surprised at how long it's taking me. I have a good distance to go in order to catch up, but now I am for sure way ahead of my own class. It kind of puts me at this awkward point in which I am ahead of my own class, but behind the class ahead of me. *sigh* It's ok, I'm enjoying the work, and the fact that my teacher is letting me sit in on her second class (without paying extra..shhh!!).

So last night was more fun and frolic with my friends. We gathered at the local theatre and watched Big Fish. I have to say it was a wonderful fact, very storybook-like, which is something you don't see anymore. Ya know? Like a classic fairy tale. It was beautiful and I would definitely recommend it. And of course, as I am leaving the theatre I am practicing in my head how to say that I liked Hebrew. Gahhh!! I can't stop!! hahaha...

Anyway, after that we took part in one of Canada's favourite past times....we sat in a coffee shop and talked for a few hours. I don't know what it is, but I've learned that we have an unusual number of coffee shops here. This was news to me until an American asked me once: "What is WITH you guys and coffee shops??" I had no idea what she meant so she proceeded to explain that there seems to be a coffee shop on nearly every corner. I laughed, coz it's true. I swear to God, you can find at LEAST 5 coffee shops within a block of me. Anything from a cheap coffee (like Krispy Kreme or Tim Horton's) to more expensive coffee (like Starbucks or Second Cup). My friends and I like it because it gives us a place to meet and hang out without too much expense. We can sit and laugh and talk for hours at a time while spending maybe $1.50 each. Cheap entertainment is always good!

But enough about coffee, I have to get back to my homework. Later today I am getting together with a few of my guy friends to do unspeakable nerd activities. Heh.