Monday, December 15, 2003
finding reasons to be jolly
Raise your hand if you're sick and tired of seeing Saddam's mouth being inspected with a flashlight and tongue depressor!

Oy, it's getting old. But ya know what? There are worse things to have to watch repeatedly on the news. This one makes everyone a little happy, I think. Well.....almost everyone. Allow me to highlight my own personal reasons for being happy that Saddam is now out of the picture and forced to face the world for what he's done; I am happy because in the first Gulf War in 1991, Saddam and his soldiers fired no less than 39 scud missiles into Israel. Afterall, if your missiles can't reach America, why not hit one of her allies? Indeed, the Palestinians cheered as the scuds flew over the West Bank and into Tel Aviv, destroying buildings and lives upon impact. And do you know what Israel did? Israel did *nothing*. Israel was asked by the United States to stay out of the war and not retaliate against the attacks, for fear it would complicate things if Israel got involved. Afterall, that war was supposed to be between Kuwait, the U.S., and Iraq. So Israel did as asked and held it's fire. So thanks to his actions during the first Gulf War, I have 39 reasons for smiling because of Saddam's capture. He will never attack Israel again.

One more reason I am happy that he was captured involves the fact that Saddam has been known to not only support Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, but help fund the terrorism Yasser's groups inflict upon Israelis (namely suicide bombers). Saddam would give money towards the planning and building of the groups who made the bombs, AND he would donate money to the families of the suicide bombers, as a reward for their great sacrifice. Thank you SO much Saddam, for making life terrifying for millions of Israelis, as well as of millions of Iraqis. Good riddance.

The problem people are having is understanding the significance of his capture; they need to understand how it will, or will not, effect them personally. Until you make something personal, you can't fully grasp the gravity of a situation. For some people this capture means religious and personal freedom like they have never known before. For others it will mean a step closer to packing up and leaving after serving in a long difficult war. For me it became that much more personal when a family I love very dearly moved to Israel last September. And when the Gulf War began in March they were terrified as they were told to seal off a room and prepare for war. It became VERY fucking personal for me then. And I was never so happy as to hear that not one single scud was fired in Israel's direction this time. And I will be very happy if it never happens again.

My rant ends here.... thank you for listening. Let's move onto something a little lighter. :-)
I just returned home from doing some shopping. I friggin' hate last minute holiday shopping, I really do. I have no patience, and I don't even like shopping on a good day. Put me in a hot winter coat in an even hotter shopping mall with crowds....and you have one short tempered girlie on your hands. So I try my best to make quick work of it. I managed to tackle quite a few on my list, but it's going to take another round to get it finished. I had better be able to finish this soon, coz one more Christmas carol and I might commit murder.

Tomorrow, however, is going to be a glorious day. Me and my geek friends are pulling an all time geek day; we are watching all three Lord of the Rings movies, back to back, in the theatre. It's a 12 hour movie marathon, and I can't wait!! Eeeek!!!! Meryl is getting in on the action anyone else? (or am I the only geek? *gulp*)
So anyway, I won't be around much tomorrow..I'm sure you can find other ways to amuse yourself.
Try this (via Jill): Mr. Picassohead.